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Welcome To Blue Diamond PC Services

Your small business has many ongoing needs: to better organize and protect business information, to communicate effectively and professionally with customers and suppliers, and to make the most of your existing computers and office equipment.

Introducing the right technology into your business can help you accomplish these goals and save you time and money, keeping you focused on your business, not on technology. The foundation of an effective technology solution starts with a network.

Your Business Needs

New technologies designed specifically for small businesses like yours provide solutions at lower costs with simplified server administration and maintenance. This means that any business can take advantage of the benefits of servers and client/server networking.

  • Central Data Storage and Backup
  • Shared Printing, Fax, and Internet Connections
  • Security
  • E-Mail and Calendars
  • Growth

Choosing the Right Solution

If you are choosing a network for your small business or thinking of changing the type of network you already have, a client/server network can offer the security, collaboration, professionalism, and manageability that you are looking for.

A Small Business Server can keep your business running and your data secure, increase your efficiencies and cost savings, and streamline your customer communications, so you can run a successful business today and into the future.